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This wikipedia is meant to have supplementary information that a starting user would need to know about the world in which the Proletariat takes place.

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Nazi Soldiers in Berlin

What if every legend of mankind had been there since the beginning? What if the human race had to grow and learn alongside trolls, dragons, goblins and their ilk? The Proletariat is that world made flesh, in the midst of the Nazi rise to power beginning in 1933. Adolf Hitler has swayed many of the supernatural races to his side with promises of equality in a united Germany. Britain pretends they don't exist, persecuting them at times and refusing to listen to their pleas. France kills the supernatural outright, turning sentient creatures into statements of fashion and rather unusual culinary creations. America seeks to sway the supernaturals to her side, but only for her own ends. Japan reveres her supernaturals, though they are rarely seen.

This is the world with which you must contend.

Will you join Hitler in his march to control Europe, or will you join the Allies in destroying him?

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